Kaczka Pieczona z Jabłkami

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Kaczka Pieczona z Jabłkami or could be translated as Roast Duck with Apple, is the most wanted culinary in Poland. If you do stop in restaurant that specialized in Polish food or kuchnia Polska, this menu is always there. This is indeed one of the typical Polish recipes and also which made it to be one of Destination Europe, but well actually Poland is not just about food.

At summer time, many local restaurants in Warsaw’s Old Town area whom rely on this menu to attract the tourists. Roasted Duck with Apples writings adorn any big board in front of the restaurant menu as its special menu of the day.

It is said that this menu is the choice for royal and old aristocratic people culinary. A special sauce made ​​from fresh cranberries (or of any other fresh fruit), then served in the apple, absolutely unique. Roast duck is reportedly also taste better and better when accompanied with a glass of red wine.

If you’re asking me the price, yeah, its quite and relatively expensive (about 40-60 zloty), but its worth the taste.
Anyway you should know that the food that served in Poland usually large size. So with those price its worth it. You could share the dish (although might not be too common for people living in Europe) or you could skip the appetizers or the desert.

Instead of that the roast duck and apple, are also served along with purple beetroot and roast potato.
Lets discuss about the taste, if you ever try Chinese Roast duck or Pecking Roast Duck, the taste is different. In these culinary, tender duck meat with moist skin meaning that not crispy, then served with cranberry sauce, which of course as you guess, its sweet and fresh. The served might not be outstanding for Asian culinary lovers, but yet these is special dish from Poland.

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